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Have you ever heard the gears of someone's car grind together and it made you cringe? It makes you want to run over and hand them a can of oil. Your knees might be in a similar situation. If your joints are not well-lubricated, they can seize up like gears and cause long-term damage and pain.

Hyaluronic Acid

In a perfect world, you never run out of synovial fluid, which is a thick, viscous liquid that lubricates the knee and lets bones glide smoothly against each other instead of grinding. It also serves as your body's shock absorber, preventing high-impact activity from damaging the bone and tissue surrounding the joint. If you have osteoarthritis, you are missing one of the critical components of synovial fluid called hyaluronic acid. Loss of hyaluronic acid causes additional pain and stiffness in your knees. Luckily, hyaluronic acid can be reintroduced into the body.

Hyaluronic Acid Joint Injections

If you suffer from osteoarthritis in your knees, your doctor may recommend hyaluronic acid injections to help ease your pain. This treatment lubricates the joints so that they move more smoothly, decreasing pain and stiffness. Before performing this treatment, ask your doctor to review your symptoms and other treatments that you have tried previously.

Osteoarthritis thins your supply of hyaluronan and this procedure simply replaces some of the fluid you have lost. The injection occurs in the area around your knee joint. Although the frequency of the treatment may vary based on the severity of your condition, most people receive an injection once a week and might get one every three to five weeks. This treatment is only FDA-approved for treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Things to Consider

Injection site irritation is mild and there is little health risk involved. This makes hyaluronan worth a try, especially if you can avoid surgery. Hyaluronan is a great choice if you cannot use other treatments. Some people, for example, can't take ibuprofen, aspirin or naproxen due to gastrointestinal issues. Steroid injections can damage your joints when overused. Make an appointment with one of our highly trained physicians today to see if this treatment is the best option for you.


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