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At Synergy Medical, we understand that inflammation is one of the major causes of aches and pains. It is not uncommon for the average person to bear the burden of sore, achy joints and muscles. Routine adjustments can be provided in order to reduce the swelling commonly associated with such conditions as spinal inflammations. So if you're tired of everyday back and neck pain, look no further!

With our team of dedicated physicians, getting chiropractic services has never been easier! Whether you suffer from spinal injury or damage, chronic back pain, or a stiffening of the joints, our professional staff is here to provide quality services to suit your individual needs. We offer a vast array of treatments that target your specific problem area--from chronic back and neck pain, shoulder surgery, and scoliosis therapy. Rotator cuff tears and torn ligaments are also among the many chiropractic services offered at Synergy.


- Auto Accidents
- Sports Injuries
- Low Back Pain
- Neck Pain
- Headaches
- Knee Pain
- Shoulder Pain
- Strains/Sprains

Whatever you're looking for, Synergy Medical Centers is here to help! Don't hesitate. Visit us online to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.


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At Synergy Medical Centers, we put our patient needs first. We have experts in all aspects of physical medicine that can help and offer a wide range of effective solutions that are offered in very few clinics.

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