Hormone Pellet Therapy

All Natural Pellet Therapy

Hormone pellets will release bio-identical and all natural estrogen and testosterone which will be absorbed by your body as needed. Because the hormones are completely natural, this pellet therapy is perfect for patients seeking the benefits of natural hormones while avoiding synthetic materials. The hormone pellet therapy uses hormones developed from natural plant sources that are specifically designed to balance your body's normal hormone levels. The hormone pellet therapy is a very effective way to increase energy, improve brain function, mental clarity, metabolism, anxiety, mood, muscle, heart health, and bone health.

The Benefits

Hormone pellet therapy can be useful in helping with menopausal symptoms, bone density, sleep patterns, depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, sex drive, and sexual performance. Some studies show testosterone to be preventative against breast cancer, Alzheimer's, dementia and osteoporosis. BioTe View List of Benefits

The Procedure

A compounding pharmacist, using federal guidelines, compounds testosterone and estrogen in a natural form; this results in a pellet that is smaller than a grain of rice. The pellet is implanted in fatty tissue under the skin where it can deliver a reliable and stable flow of hormones that will last up to four months. The procedure is easy and only takes around twenty minutes to complete. BioTe Medical

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