Regenerative Therapy and your health
Why You Should Consider Regenerative Therapy For Pain

Amniotic allograft material has the potential to transform into a variety of different cells within the human body. By using regenerative therapy, your body can use those cells to help prevent or treat different conditions and diseases. With this particular type of therapy, your body can use these cells to deliver quicker response times and begin repairing itself right away.

Male Sex Drive and Exercise
Physical Activity and the Link to Male Libido

Prior to starting that first squat thrust however, let's look at the link between the male sex drive and physical activity because you might be surprised by what you discover.

How Optimism Impacts Your Health

What kind of effect does being optimistic actually have on your life? And more importantly, if there is a positive effect, how can you use this knowledge to change your own life?

Why you should have your hormones checked

If any one of these glands or hormones is "off," it can create a lot of problems. Here are some more reasons why you should have your hormones checked regularly and often, especially after age 40.

Obesity and Your Health

Obesity is a medical condition, we treat it as one. It is important to understand the risks of not seeking treatment for a condition which we have a high level of success treating.