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Our clinic offers services from weight loss to stem cell therapy. We have had over 12,000 patients and a 15 year history of providing quality services to our satisfied patients.
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men and women's health services improving

We offer sexual health services for both
men and women to improve satisfaction and drive.
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Medical Weight Loss
Doctor supervised

We have had over 12,000 weight loss patients and
we have it down to an art.
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Free Consultations

We offer free consultations for our weight loss and aesthetics departments. Contact us to setup a no-obligation appointment.


The first step towards a healthy life is to schedule an appointment. Please contact our office by phone or complete the appointment request form.

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Men's Health Only

Medical Weight Loss Acworth
Medical Weight Loss

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Men's Health Acworth For Erectile Dysfunction
Men's Health Division

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Synergy Women's Health
Women's Health Division

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Regenerative PRP Therapy
Regenerative Therapy

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Physical Medicine
Physical Medicine

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Patient satisfaction is our goal

Modern Equipment

We continue to be a successful clinic because we have perfected our services.

Qualified Doctors and Staff

Our team has more than 30 professionals who are highly trained and qualified to serve our patients' needs.

Effective Results

We pride ourselves in the success of our patients. Every one of you will leave our office satisfied.We have been performing our services for over 15 years.

A variety
of Services

Not only do we simply offer a variety of services, we have specialized training in each one, becoming an expert in several fields.

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Why You Should Consider Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative therapy have the potential to transform into a variety of different cells within the human body. By using amniotic allograft material, your body can use those cells to help prevent or treat different conditions and diseases. With this particular type of therapy, your body can use these cells to deliver quicker response times and begin repairing itself right away.

How Optimism Impacts Your Physical Health

We all know the person who's always positive. They bounce into the office with a big smile on their face, they're always talking about how excited they are for life, and to them, no matter what comes, the glass is always half-full. It seems like a wonderful way to live – but is it?


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